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About the Band

Fitliken profile logo Fitliken are a classic rock covers band from Aberdeen, Scotland. While their staple diet consists of classic songs from the likes of Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple, they also play songs most other cover bands are afraid to attempt!

The band formed in 2013 as "Rogues Gallery", and features members of various former bands. These include Captain Face, Mr Onz, China Blue, and Same Old Story. This band gigged at venues such as Cellar 35 and local festival "Creelstock". Unfortunately, due to work commitments, our singer had to call it a day. In stepped Doug to save the day!

To go with the new singer, the band chose a new name: "Fitliken". Chosen as a tongue-in-cheek name to fit our North-East Scotland base and target market. In early 2016, Fitliken had their first gig at a private birthday party - a raging success and the proper start to the exciting story so far... Two years and many gigs later, the band parted ways with Doug. A few days later, Fitliken unveiled their new singer: Claire Curran.

The foundations of this 5-piece band Colin's drums and David's bass. Augmenting this is Chris' and Craig's raucous guitars. Claires vocals are the harmonious, but often gritty, cherry atop this rock machine.

Chris Baillie - lead guitar

Chris Baillie - lead guitar Chris began learning the guitar aged 10. He has spent many hours studying the techniques of Gary Moore, Doug Aldrich, and many others. His favourite bands include Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, and Guns N' Roses. Needless to say that because of this, he's rarely far from a Les Paul and a Marshall.

Craig Walker - rhythm guitar

Craig Walker - rhythm guitar Inspiring Craig to pick the guitar was the late, great Gary Moore. Craig started jamming with friends, which evolved into playing in bands through University. A few years ago, Chris invited Craig to join up with him and Col as a second guitarist and he hasn't looked back since.

Craig's influences include rock and metal bands such as AC.DC, Iron Maiden, and Metallica. Though he enjoys a wide variety of music from the Chemical Brothers to Tchaikovsky, Adam & The Ants to Rammstein!

David Liddell - bass guitar

David Liddell - bass guitar David started off as a guitarist in Aberdeen's own Captain Face with whom he spent years playing all over Scotland (even straying south of the border on occasion), recording and releasing old fashioned Compact Discs and receiving local and national radio play.

Following a short break after the end of the band, David added a bass to his collection and discovered the simple pleasure of helping a drummer to keep a band in time when none of them are paying attention. David's musical influences range from the classic rock staples such as the Who and Lynyrd Skynyrd to the more idiosyncratic music of Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa.

Colin Clark - lead drums

Colin Clark - lead drums style= Col is the elder statesman of the band who just loves live music. His influences include good old favourites like the Rolling Stones, The Who, Genesis, AC/DC, and Pink Floyd.

Col has played drums since school and many years later caught up with G Cat playing guitar in a caravan awning at Sandend so stopped for a chat and a few beers. They later decided to start a band and Mr Onz was formed in early 2000. There's been a few changes since then but Chris seems to have been by my side forever!

He loves gigging and seeing everyone enjoying themselves, roll on the weekend! Rock on!